Frequently Asked Questions

When will my advert run, you haven’t called me yet?

We have 1600 campaigns to run over a 24 week period. We’ll call you to get your ads running about 10 days before your start date. Campaigns are being ordered by what you said in your application and when that application was submitted. If you haven’t had a call to discuss your start date, please don’t worry.  Your campaign will appear as soon as it can.


Is there a chance my ad could run now, things have changed since my application?

Yes, each week we are getting people who’ve requested to run early who now want to defer. In this instance, we are replacing with winners who have requested an earlier date. Please reply and let us know if you’d like your campaign to be brought forward, and we’ll arrange this as a slot becomes available.


What are the Ad Specs?

Each campaign will be slightly different and we won’t know exactly what your campaign will consist of until a little closer to its live date. But typically, you’ll have to supply us with the following

Metro will be either a 20x3 200mm high by 112mm wide or 24x4 240mm high by 151 wide

The i, The Mail and Mail on Sunday, will be formatted and we’ll just need a logo and some text, we’ll send you a link to provide us with this

Your digital advert will also follow a format, we’ll also send a link to collect this detail…

Image which can be logo if nothing else, supplied at 640x314PX

Title - 34 characters

Body Copy - 100 characters

Call to action - 30 characters (eg. ‘Learn More’, ‘Find out more’, ‘Click here’, Shop now’etc)

Url (click through)


Do you have examples of how my ads will look ?

You can see examples of all elements of the campaign by clicking here


Can I use my agency?

You can use an agency to sort your campaign, however in the first instance we’ll contact you when your campaign is due to run. You can then advise us of the agency that needs to act on your behalf.


Can I change my date, when you call me?

Ideally, we’d like you to take the date of campaign offered. As best as we can we’re working to what people told us in their applications. That said, we understand there will be reasons out of your control for not wanting to appear. We’ll work with you to accommodate changes. It may however, mean your campaign will drop to the back of the run, and you could have to wait longer for your campaign to begin.


Do I have to pay anything toward the campaign or join the FSB to qualify?

No. There is nothing at all for you to pay. There is also no requirement to join the FSB, or continue to be a MMM customer after your free campaign has ran.


Can I add to my campaign and pay extra for more?

If you want to top up your campaign in any way, you may do so. When your account manager calls to discuss your ads they will be able to work on this for you.


Can I have more info on MMM audience across the different titles?

Please follow this link for full details


Can you help me with artwork as I don’t have designers?

Yes, we can help with the setting of your adverts, providing you have the raw elements that you’d like included. When your week is approaching one our account managers will be able to support you with this.